Experts in veterinary vaccines development

VLPbio is a company that develops novel vaccines in the field of animal health, based on Chimeric Virus-Like Particles (Ch-VLPs)

We fully understand that behind what we do there are animals, farmers, pet owners, partners in the development and investors waiting for our results.  They are the reason why, we aim to reach the market with our solutions for emerging and prevalent diseases


Vaccination has long been, and continues to be, the most effective way to reduce the negative economic impact of diseases, and to maintain animal health and welfare. However, there are still challenging diseases not properly covered by conventional vaccination strategies.

In these cases the development of new biotechnology-based vaccines is fundamental. Always aiming for animal health protection, suffering reduction and efficient reproduction of animals to feed an ever-growing human population.

VLPbio is a subsidiary company of BDi Group, created for the development of new vaccines based on Ch-VLP technology. BDi Group is a privately held company supported by private investors, risk capital funds (Inveready) and US investors (Dyadic International Inc), all of them specialized in biotechnology


Our portfolio already contains products against most critical diseases in the veterinary field, targeting a global market of more than 1.5 billion euros. We have a balanced portfolio of products at different stages of development, from completing preliminary proof of concept, to starting clinical studies to pursue final registration.

These product are been developed internally by VLPbio and/or in collaboration with other veterinary partners, out-licensing the technology.

VLPbio CEO Pablo Gutiérrez explains:

“The commitment of investors like Inveready or Dyadic is a result of three attractive advantages that we offer: first is the huge potential of our technology, second a solid strategic plan and third the great experience and capacity of our team.

These keypoints make VLPbio a company with huge growth potential in the field of veterinary vaccine development”.


Our team of experts

Our entrepreneurial & multidisciplinary team understands R&D management as a business, with the unique purpose of speeding-up and de-risking product development. But also in collaboration with research centres, universities and experts for each disease. We firmly believe that efficient networking helps to obtain the most accurate results.

Moreover, VLPBio has been recognized as one of the most innovative companies in several worldwide events, and various specialized publications in the Animal Health field: